welcome to VCGC


it all started in our first year at Harvard Business School. we were brought together through a shared interest in entrepreneurship and investing.

at school, we’ve met awesome and accomplished female classmates, alumni, and professors. we got together, started chatting, and had an idea: these stories, perspectives, and inspiration are worth collecting. why not build a powerful community + network based around it?


so here it is:

venture chat girls collective is a platform aimed at supporting women in tech, venture, and entrepreneurship - industries that have traditionally been opaque with high barriers to entry.

here's our plan:

step 1. share stories of amazing women in our community.

step 2. bring women together to build relationships and chat about that real life stuff.

step 3. enact change.

by sharing stories, building community, and fostering dialogue, we can all come together to create our generation's identity of women working in these industries.


let's change the conversation.


Samantha Kaminsky + Libby Spalding

*feel free to reach out (SK, LS)