Venture Chat Girls Collective

meet vcgc

venture chat girls collective is a platform aimed at supporting women in tech, venture, and entrepreneurship - industries that have traditionally been opaque with high barriers to entry. we believe that by sharing stories, building community, and fostering dialogue around real career issues, we can all come together to create our generation's identity of women working in these industries. let's chat.

Kathy Wang

Andreessen Horowitz, Amazon & Magic Leap


Andy Coravos

Co-Founder, Elektra Labs

Dori Gilinski

Founder, Dori Gilinski Gallery

Ellen DaSilva

Twitter, Rough Draft Ventures & OpenGov Inc

Phoebe Peronto

Google Ventures, Dorm Room Fund & Salesforce Ventures

Libby Leffler Hoaglin

Google, Facebook, SoFi

Lara Avsar

Her Little Story

Gabby Contro

Crosslink Capital, Pinterest